Alison Botha

Get ready for a safari, uniquely tailored for you

Welcome to a safari experience like no other. I’m Alison, your guide through the extraordinary landscapes of Africa’s captivating wildlife and Kruger National Park. Unlike ordinary tours, I specialize in personalized safari adventures tailored to your preferences. Whether you crave the raw excitement of sleeping in a tent under the stars, listening to lions roar at night, or prefer the luxurious amenities offered by diverse lodges, I’ve got you covered.


From organizing accommodations to planning thrilling activities, I handle every detail with my local expertise. With an intimate knowledge of Kruger and Africa’s wildlife, I’m your go-to person for an authentic wildlife encounter. Consider me your personal guide, driver, and even your dedicated photographer. Get ready for a safari crafted exclusively for you, guided by your preferences and my passion for Africa’s breathtaking wildlife.

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Did You Know?

A WARTHOG is the most commonly seen wild pig of the African Bush. It’s tail stands straight up when alert or in danger.
On close inspection the tail has markings similar to that of a snake so in actual fact this could work as a scare tactic to predators.
Other theories are that the tail stands up to enable the mother warthog to see her brood running through the grasslands.

VLAKVARK is the Afrikaans name for a warthog and the name of our Loyal “long-in-the-tooth” Landrover!