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How we came to rename the LBR!!!

You are probably asking the question, what is the LBR? the Lilac Breasted Roller silly! One of the most common and prettiest roadside birds you will see on your Kruger travels.

On the 9th of January I posted the following true story on the Sanparks – Kruger National Park Facebook page. I giggled so much as I wrote it and it drew a great response from fellow groupies who were definitely laughing out loud. I know I did when it happened and for a long time after.

⚠️Warning, post may be construed as sexist, racist or whatever-ist⚠️

Just returned from 6 nights camping, zero power, zero signal, AWESOME. Going to give loads of details once I’ve sorted through the aftershock. I feel like I need a holiday to recuperate from my holiday!

I have a husband! A Vrystaat boer in the older age bracket. Said husband has little to no interest in birds so I take delight in finding them when game is scarce, and passing on my wealth of knowledge (hahaha) in the hope that something sinks in!!!

We had a horrendous day of 42 degrees during the week. Everything hid away except a few birdies. Presented with an all time colourful favourite of most of ours perched next to the road, I turned to hubby and said “pop quiz, name the bird!” You could literally see the wheels turning while he dug deep and hard into his archives …… and BOOM, out it came “it’s a Violet Classic Roller

Danie identifying the Violet Classic Roller!!!

Incredibly the colour was almost spot on, I’m guessing the classic came from many sightings, who knows, but from here on out I will never be able to look at said birdie in the same light. 😂


One of my favourite little Kruger birds is now forever immortalized in my aging bird book!

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